The Sunday Letters

- by Jana M. Perkins -


#86: The easy part.

I love that that’s something I get to say now, love that this is now my life, love living in a city that poets come to, love being able to go see them while they’re here.

— Sent on October 21, 2018. Continue reading here.


#73: Out in the garden.

It required, in fact, a great deal more energy than I was prepared for, most of which was rooted in the constant, unending maintenance that needed to be done throughout the week, and none of which was ever really finished.

— Sent on May 27, 2018. Continue reading here.


#15: The work continues.

You read about a man who is struggling to find work, who cares deeply for his family, and who is eager to live more fully in his faith — and, in the midst of all that, just happens to be intensely committed to his art.

— Sent on November 20, 2016. Continue reading here.

“A breath of fresh air”

“I always look forward to reading Jana’s emails; it’s a breath of fresh air, … a timely reminder to take things slow and live in the moment.”

Andi Lanuza

“Keep[s] you thinking”

The Sunday Letters are always a thoughtful and welcome stop during my week. You get a moment to pause, to consider and to reflect … and Jana often leaves you with a question to keep you thinking long after you’ve finished reading. I love these letters and find myself forwarding them regularly to friends and family.”

Scott Burau

“A quiet affirmation”

“I feel like Jana is a friend — the smart one who reads books that intimidate you — that shows up every two weeks to share something that’s on her mind. … Each letter feels like a quiet affirmation that we are all moving through a life filled with curious people, perspectives, and ideas.”

“Elegant, thoughtful ponderings for anyone. I love how each letter commands you to slow down, absorb, and let it move you.”
Lauren Stephenson

“Jana keeps on finding surprisingly simple yet touching ways to remind us that the most effective actions in the world are those within the reach of everyone.”

“Reading a Sunday Letter is like briefly talking philosophy with a trusted friend. Short and simple but deep and fulfilling.”

— Megan Snider

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